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Sex Therapy

Sex therapySex therapy is a specialised area of counselling depending upon what issue needs to be addressed. Some sexual difficulties are physical in nature, others psychological and yet others have a strong spiritual component.

It is not uncommon to find all three (physical, psychological and spiritual) components or combinations of them necessary to resolve sexual concerns. Sexual issues can be a complex issue to resolve on your own. This highly specialised and sensitive area of counselling can involve not only counselling but in some cases may require the intervention by a skilled General Practitioner (GP) specializing in sexual health or specialist.

Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching is aware of the sensitivity and personal nature of sex therapy and of the issues at hand – family, relationships, anger and low self esteem affecting happiness and contentment not only on a personal level but also at a relationship level with your partner.

Our areas of specialty include but are not limited to the following: