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Marriage Counselling

Marriage CounsellingThere are positive and negative reasons for marriage. Marriage counselling is about finding out why two people want to get married. This means going through the positive and negative reasons for marriage; a pre-marriage checklist and behavioural checklist to uncover possible sources of conflict that could lead, in time, to an unhappy marriage or painful breakup and discussion about some myths about love and marriage.

At Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching we discuss the four stages of marriage – courtship, honeymoon, conflict and resolution preparing a couple for what lies ahead of them. Marriage counselling helps prepare couples for their life together and usually involves two or three visits where couples learn interesting things about themselves and each other.

Should marriage counselling always be done as a couple? Sometimes one partner is not sure about whether or not they should raise the issue of marriage with their partner. Marriage counselling can be of benefit here providing a confidential environment to discuss very personal concerns and fears. Marriage counselling is highly recommended for anyone wishing to make a life commitment to their partner.