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Infidelity happens when one or both partners in a relationship step outside the boundaries of the relationship. Infidelity may not mean the end of the relationship. In a close relationship, infidelity can be physical or emotional or both.

Physical infidelity is when one partner in the relationship engages in actions with another person that would otherwise be reserved or held for their partner. This can include holding hands, cuddling, and kissing. Sexual infidelity is a form of physical infidelity when one partner has sex with another person outside the marriage or intimate relationship. It is also known as adultery, cheating or an affair. In a monogamous relationship, infidelity of this kind can cause emotional pain to the other partner due to the breach of trust, betrayal of values and beliefs, and stated or implied loyalties.

Emotional infidelity is a breach of intimacy often observed in verbal and non-verbal communication between two (or more) individuals outside the relationship where that communication would otherwise be reserved or held in trust by their partner. It is about disclosing intimate things said in a close relationship to another, that is to say disclosing things that were meant for your partner’s ears only. This can include the expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions to another that are quite intimate in their context and content and have an emotional content. As with physical infidelity, emotional infidelity can inflict just as much, if not more emotional pain, breach of trust, betrayal and loyalty issues with the partner who has remained loyal in the relationship.

The meaning of infidelity can vary between cultures and the type of relationship that the couple are in. Other factors need consideration such as gender, age, stereotype, and changes in the relationship. Infidelity can exist within an open relationship and can cause as just as much pain and suffering as in a monogamous relationship.

Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching help you work through the pain of infidelity in a respectful, non-judgemental way so that the relationship issues can be resolved.