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Family Therapy

Family TherapyFamily therapy is about helping families deal with serious problems, crises or new situations at some point in time. All families have the ability to bounce back from them. That is, all families have a degree of resilience.

Family structures and composition have changed over the decades. It is not uncommon to find ethnically diverse families, families with dual-career marriages balancing work and family life, gay male and lesbian families, trial marriage or substitute marriages, single parent families. In fact, we can identify as many of 24 possible remarried family combinations. Each has its own needs.

Family therapy is about the whole family working together in a systemic way, using the strengths of each family member, to work through problems and crises or work through new situations.

At the first appointment, it is usual that the family attends to talk about their relationship with each other and what the family wants to gain from a series of sessions together. It also allows the family and counsellor to know if they can work together to overcome problems. The whole family does not have to attend every subsequent session however; they will need to get together from time to time to check on progress.

At Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching we view family therapy as working together on developing coping strategies; with individual family members to develop new family and personal skills and strengths to handle crises, serious problems or new situations.