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Couples Therapy

Couples TherapyCouples therapy is about you and your relationship with your partner in an ever-changing life. There are three major ingredients for achieving a deep and rewarding relationship. They are the three “R’s” – responsibility, romance and real self.

One aspect of responsibility is about taking responsibility for your own capacity to bring joy into your relationship. An aspect of romance is about encouraging, praising, caring and lifting your partners esteem and value. An aspect of the real self is about discovering who you really are.

In couples therapy we explore these three areas, improve communication and work out action plans tailored to your relationship so that there is balance between your needs, your partners needs and the needs of the relationship.

Couples therapy can be challenging and seem all too hard and one partner who may find it easier to find ‘love’ somewhere else only to find that the same problems appear repeatedly. Why does this happen? The three “R’s” are not being met. At Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching we work together in a planned and structured way so that your relationship is the best it can be.