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Counselling For Men

Is counselling for men different to counselling women? From a professional perspective, it depends on the counsellor/therapist and the issue at hand. There are some issues that men feel more comfortable speaking to another man about. Likewise, for women, there are some issues that women feel more comfortable speaking to a female therapist/counsellor.

Men generally have difficulty seeking help in a variety of areas such as relationships, self-esteem and sexual performance for fear of loss of control of their issue or being judged inadequate to resolve their problem. The benefits for men seeing a male counsellor/therapist are:

  • Talking to someone outside their family and normal social group removing any stigma or loss of interpersonal standing attached to their issue of concern.
  • Ability to speak freely without the fear of gender bias in the consultative process.
  • Men sometimes ask difficult questions about such issues as sexual pleasure, sex drive, sexual anatomy, and infidelity and may be hesitant to talk to a female counsellor about the issue.
  • Male counsellors/therapists can be more “in-tune” with their presenting issues.

Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching encourage men to avail themselves in self-care for their personal, professional, emotional and relationship needs.