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Relationship Counselling

Relationship CounsellingRelationship counselling is often needed in helping men and women with relationship problems as well as improved intimacy between partners. Partners often drift apart and fail to communicate their wants and needs successfully. It is not uncommon for a partner to have a medical or psychological condition that affects the relationship and helping partners deal with this can help the relationship.

It is also not uncommon for partners to take each other for granted over time thereby falling into a state of complacency about the relationship. Reinitializing the relationship through a structured methodology can help rekindle a relationship that has fallen on the sword of complacency. The benefit is that the couple grow together.

Relationship counselling can also be effective in the workplace. Morgan Hayward has extensive corporate experience having held senior management positions with up to 68 staff and management of over 35 service organisations across Australia and the Asia/Pacific region maintaining budgets in excess of $10M and brings this into the business relationship counselling arena.

Morgan can help supervisors and managers improve their relationships with staff, management and other departments. The result is good for business and the supervisor’s and manager’s personal life can be improved through a reduction in workplace stress and improved communication with staff and management.

Relationship counselling is about you and the other person or groups whether that is on a personal level or a professional/workplace level.

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