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Social Phobia

Social PhobiaSocial Phobia is characterised as a fear of scrutiny by others or of being the focus of attention in social situations usually involving strangers. A person experiencing social phobia may become anxious about behaving in a way that may be interpreted by others as embarrassing or humiliating. Social phobia may lead to a panic attack during which time the person experiences intense terror, fear or apprehension. In severe cases, physiological symptoms appear such as shortness of breath, increased heart rate, palpitations, chest pain, sweating or nausea.

Social phobia can severely debilitate the person.

Social phobia can occur to anyone, even those experienced in dealing with strangers such as teachers, sales representatives, service personnel and actors. Social Phobia is a disorder that can be managed.

Various therapeutic approaches can be employed to overcome social phobia. This can include pharmacological intervention where medication is involved however this should also be supported by psychological intervention. The most popular psychological therapy now is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT as it is often referred to. Other major therapies include Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Behavioural Therapy. Other therapies may also be employed.

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