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Depression Symptoms

It is generally accepted that mood disorders such as depression can have four causes: biological e.g. genetic factors; psychodynamic e.g. unconscious conflicts and hostile feelings; behavioural e.g. insufficient positive reinforcements; cognitive e.g. perceiving the world negatively. Consequently, symptoms of depression vary. Some problematic symptoms include:

  • Feeling unloved – who would want to love me
  • Not loving – what’s the sense of it
  • Not seeing any point in anything
  • Giving up doing anything – it’s all too hard
  • Condescending of self – putting yourself down
  • No energy to do anything – I’m too tired
  • Disinterested in sex
  • Disinterested in life – what’s the purpose of it
  • No motivation – nothing that interests you, no goals, objectives etc.
  • Feelings of shame, misery and guilt
  • Sense of failure
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Not looking after yourself – cleaning teeth, getting hair cut, bathing, etc.

Depression symptoms are on a scale from mild to severe, so determining if you are suffering from depression and to what level is very important in the treatment and therapeutic process.

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