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Low Self Esteem

Dealing with Low Self Esteem is very important. It breeds success. So what is self-esteem? In short, it is the value you place on yourself. Ask yourself some questions:

  1. How much do I really like myself?
  2. How valuable a person am I?
  3. How competent am I at what I do?

Self-esteem is not conceitedness, which is about having an excessively favourable or exaggerated opinion of yourself or your accomplishments. It is also not vanity where you have excessive pride in your accomplishments, abilities or character. It is about a realistic impression of yourself.

Self-destructive beliefs damage your self-esteem and can prevent you having meaningful and productive relationships with others in your life – be it in an interpersonal or professional relationship. Low self-esteem can affect your ability to reach your full potential at work and at play.

At Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching we explore the beliefs that limit your self-image, help you discover who you are, see your different selves and build your self-confidence so that you know you are a person of value capable of achieving that what you strive for. We do this by engaging you in a path of self-discovery using cognitive and humanistic methodologies using self-determination approaches as the key to raising your self-esteem.

Among the many areas of low self esteem, we can assist you with: