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Anger Management Techniques

There are two major anger management techniques used by counsellors and psychologists. The choice is dependent upon your needs and your objectives. They are group therapy and individual therapy. Some people work well within a group environment, others do not. The anger issue itself may limit your choice of group or individual therapy. Your own thoughts and feelings of sharing your anger issues with others, probably strangers, may steer you toward individual therapy. It is important to know a little bit about both group based and individual therapy programs to help you decide which suits you best.

Group-based Anger Therapy

Group-based work is a goal-directed activity usually with small treatment and task groups. The goal is to meet the needs of the group members; receive mutual support from the other group members, provide education, allow personal growth, provide therapy by behavioural change, skill development and socialization.

Individual Anger Therapy

The greatest advantage of individual anger management therapy is that each client is assessed separately and a tailor made program is developed and discussed with the client. Individual programs encourage goals that are more specific and methods to be implemented as opposed to the group approach that may or may not meet all your needs. As with group therapy, individual anger therapy provides education, personal growth, behavioural change, and skill development.

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