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Anger Management

Anger ManagementClients embark on an anger management process (as opposed to an anger management program) that best suits them in regard to their professional life and/or personal life. This benefits the client because they learn to control their anger whilst respecting it. Why call it a process? Because a program may not give you what you need – it is someone else’s idea of what you need – not yours and is based on self-determination theory.

Sydney Counselling and Life Coaching provide individual, group and work-based anger management consultations. We carry out assessments to identify your specific anger issue and then work with you to master your anger so that you get the best out of this most powerful emotion.

Anger management courses are available in private one-on-one sessions, by telephone or on-line. Find out more now by downloading your FREE Anger Management information ebook.

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Key areas we focus on include: